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"Recognising Autism in children goes beyond identifying speech delays or hyperactivity. It's about understanding their unique world.


Without this recognition, we risk applying strategies that don't align with their needs, potentially hindering their true potential. Early and accurate identification is key to unlocking a world where they can thrive on their own terms."

Dr Rahul Bharat

Alexa Young, CA

What is Autism? 

Autism Strong likes and dislikes

Strong likes and dislikes

Repetitive behaviour

Repetitive behaviour 

Own agenda communication

   Own agenda    communication

Restricted Behaviour

Restricted Behaviour

DALL·E 2024-01-19 22.07.39 - Create an image depicting a child who is uncomfortable with b

Don't like to
be forced

Autism Irritable behaviour


Geniuslane doctor

Autism Diagnosis process at Geniuslane


We accept referral directly from Parents. All children have a Neurodevelopmental assessment by the Paediatrician with expertise in Neurodisability. This is a sixty minute assessment which confirms further investigation and if the child need Autism Diagnosis pathway. We follow the NICE guidance and the Paediatrician will review for brain injury, genetic, Sleep difficulties, development, behaviour, Play and daily activities


We use Autism Diagnosis interview (ADI r ) and/or ADOS assessment for further evidence to support DSM-5 or ICD 11 criteria. 


Parents, Carer as well as school are provided a digital platform with Autism assessment information.

This information is used to estimate child's need, Strength and difficulties in communication, Social emotional reciprocity and restricted, repetitive behaviour. 

This is part of final diagnosis algorithm.


We provide a comprehensive report with information from Step 1,2,3. If the diagnosis is confirmed the parents get instant access to our unique Autism understanding course which empowers them with unique Autism strategies.


They can enrol for our TAC program and BEST assessment. 

Targeted Autism Care

Step 1  

Step 1: Autism Parental training ( Free for all Parents)

A Commitment to the child

At Geniuslane, we believe that Parental Stress index, their understanding of Autism and their support is key in Autism. Having worked with thousands of families in this situation Dr Rahul Bharat has created Autism understanding course which provides information in a very basic interactive manner to the Parents about how children process information in Autism.


The second part of the course is understanding of principle is Autism. This helps parents understand reason behind the strategies.  They are provided help to understand simple adjustments to address child's daily activities, communication and routine. This is provided 1:1 to families and they can access this information on the Geniuslane Learning app. 

This part of our support is completely free for Parents and is provided by the Geniuslane trained Autism support workers. 

Step 2 

Step 2:  Parental stress index and Child's BEST assessment

Navigating a child's behavioral challenges can be overwhelming for parents. Often, there's a struggle to acknowledge potential issues like the child being in own agenda stage to denial or misconceptions. Repetitive behaviours in children are frequently misunderstood, prompting parents to unintentionally exacerbate these patterns through misguided interventions.

At Geniuslane, we understand the confusion and stress parents face. At this stage we provide Geniuslane BEST ( Brain Early Skill) test which provides graphic description of the child Foundation skills, Autism Specific behaviours, child's sleep, diet, independent skills and Parental Stress index. Based on the score the Parents receive specific set of videos of home intervention program on their app. The Parents have weekly support meeting to ensure compliance and support. They share their home program through videos and ask questions related to their children. 

The impact speaks for itself: 85% of parents who have undertaken our program report a significant reduction in their stress levels. Moreover, their children demonstrate marked improvements in Early Years Foundation skills. Our goal is not just to educate but to transform, equipping parents with the tools and knowledge to effectively support their child's unique needs. Together, we foster an environment of understanding, acceptance, and positive growth for both parents and children.

Step 3- Weekly support and repeat of BEST assessment every two months 

We provide a case study of a 3-year 8-month-old non-verbal child's case highlighted the importance of accurate assessments. Contrary to initial concerns of hyperactivity, our BEST assessment revealed a developmental age of 12 months. Incorrect strategies led to a high Autism severity score.


With a tailored program, the child received targeted support aligned with her unique profile.

Screenshot (59)_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Screenshot (60)_edited.jpg

Step 4- Weekly support and repeat of BEST assessment every two months 

After 12 months of Geniuslane intervention, a remarkable transformation is evident. The child, now functioning at a 3-year level, exhibits progress. Recognizing a one-year developmental gap, a customized program was tailored, bridging the disparity. Geniuslane Play School continues to provide dedicated support for ongoing growth and development.

Screenshot (60)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (60)_edited.jpg

Step 5- Weekly support and repeat of BEST assessment every two months 

In just 20 months of Geniuslane intervention, a child progressed from developmental challenges to functioning at 4 years 6 months. Successfully integrated into mainstream school, the child displayed no Autism-related impairments and excelled academically. Our tailored support transforms lives, fostering seamless integration and academic success.

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