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Epilepsy in children is a condition where they experience seizures, which are sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain. It's like a sudden storm disrupting normal brain functions.


These seizures can look different: some kids might stare blankly, shake uncontrollably, or even lose consciousness for a short time. It's not always clear why epilepsy happens; it could be due to genetics, a brain injury, or an illness.


Treatment usually involves medication to help control the seizures. With the right care and management, many kids with epilepsy lead normal, active lives. It's important to work closely with doctors to find the best treatment plan.

What is Epielpsy? 

Geniuslane doctor

Epilepsy Management  process at Geniuslane


We accept referral directly from Parents. All children have a Neurodevelopmental assessment by the Paediatrician with expertise in Neurodisability. This is a sixty minute assessment which confirms further investigation and if the child need Epilepsy Diagnosis pathway. We follow the NICE guidance and the Paediatrician will review for brain injury, genetic, Sleep difficulties, development, behaviour, Play and daily activities


Children might need further investigation to understand their Epilepsy. 


Parents, Carer as well as school are provided a digital platform with Epilepsy assessment information.

This information is used to estimate child's need, Strength and difficulties in communication and learning



We provide a comprehensive report with information from Step 1,2,3. If the diagnosis is confirmed the parents get instant access to our unique Epilepsy understanding course.


We provide correct diagnosis and correct medication based on NICE guidance for Children. 

Epilepsy NICE Guidance 

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