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Transitioning from Phase 3 to Phase 4

All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.

Entering into this new journey, we at Geniuslane Child Development Center are proud to introduce phase 4 of our protocol; the BrainRakshak Program. After a lot of sweat and hard work, multiple hours of research and statistics, we have now proudly launched the new Phase 4 in our Early Intervention Center.

In contrast to Phase 3, many different protocols, technologies, and innovations have made their way into Phase 4. In spite of these major developments in Phase 4, our crux remains the same; treat the cause and not the symptom.

Firstly, we introduced the MASI Program. An initiative to tackle the stress levels of the primary caregivers. After vigorous research, we came to the conclusion that improvement in the child is directly proportional to the environment at home. Hence, if the parents are not happy, or are anxious, stressed, or even depressed, the child’s development will be hampered. In order to tackle this drawback, Dr Bharat came up with a Mind And Soul Integration {MASI} Program.

Divided into various levels, MASI Program is inclusive of meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery, and progressive relaxation techniques in the form of free videos that the parents are advised to listen to depending on their score on the parent’s stress index.

In addition to the above line of thought, Phase 4 also includes Home Environment Modification in the form of a mobile application that is accessible to all the parents that are enrolled in the centre. Most of the parents are unaware of what the diagnosis entails, what are the symptoms, the behaviours that a child usually indulges in and more often than others, most parents try multiple alternatives of trying to make the child better. Just so the parents have the right information and the correct dos and don’ts, multiple videos have been created that look at each symptom, how to understand the behaviour and most importantly, what not to do to reduce the disability factors in their own individual levels.

This home plan works in the following way; at the time of the child’s assessment, all the areas are assessed where the child is showing increased behaviours. Specific assessment reports have generated that look at all possible symptoms and also look at the underlying causes from where these behaviours are steming.

Once the concern areas are identified, appropriate videos explaining these areas are then made available on the parent's home program mobile application. Once both parents view the videos, they are requested to a attempt quiz to make sure that they have understood the provided information. The quiz is added so that the parents view the videos, again and again, understand the diagnosis better and mainly, get a grasp of what should not be carried out with the child. Once the quizzes are passed, the parents are provided with a ‘tool package’.

This package includes all the tools/activities that are shown in the videos so that they can be incorporated at home.

In conclusion, this BrainRakshak Program is specially curated to provide adequate help in smaller cities so that the correct treatment and the correct diagnosis are readily available and the parents are able to provide the child with the right care at the right time. The program is kept at the least possible price; as low as approximately 280/- session so that financial constraints don’t stop the child from growing in the right direction.

With the launch of Phase 4, we aim to expand to multiple cities in Uttar Pradesh and help as many children as possible. Sometimes, all that is needed is a push in the right direction and as we all know, Early Intervention is the key to better development.

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