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Views from Parents' focus group in Cornwall, UK

Focus Group

Patient and Public Involvement


September 2020


Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

A focus group with five parents of children with Neurodisability from Cornwall, in August 2021 was conducted. They were demonstrated the digital solution Early Years Solutions has developed.

Consent and confidentiality form were received from all five parents, before the conduction of the focus group.

Parents agreed that there is a lack of support and expressed their enthusiasm for a digital solution for this that was demonstrated to them.

Views from Parents' focus group in Cornwall, UK:

"I think it's that feeling of helplessness and lack of services early on, it sends us down a downward spiral"
"For the last four years, I've fought for recognition, because she masks so well in school".
"That trauma and stress from the parents get passed on to the children, even if the parents really try. No one human can hold that amount of stress and trauma inside them and have it not overspill".
"Teachers and professionals it's an assumption that they know about conditions such as autism, however, the most likely they're not. it's often an optional module in training or limited training opportunities for practitioners to go on, but it's not essential".
"I think the app will be great I'm sure, and I think it will be paramount in the next decade or younger parents, especially as smartphones become the norm social media and talking about stuff".
"This app I think it's going to be really beneficial".
"Again, something as simple as having an app at the side of your bed at night when you are kind of just overthinking overanalyzing something that's been said in an appointment, or you know, being able to again, I think all that impact on children's mental health, as well as parents".

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